The Significance of Pictures at This Time

"The Significance of Pictures at This Time"

With today’s social media hype, images or obrazy are very important. When it comes to capturing the attention of your audience, you should take advantage of opportunities to convey your message. Nowadays, it’s easy for information to be ignored if it’s not presented in a captivating format. Since every platform is unique and has limitations, having a consistent medium that can engage your audience on all environments is a MUST and a challenge.

The Importance of Images

Visual content helps convey a story quickly with impact and emotion; it basically improves our story telling. Incorporating images to your content increases the chance that your audience will quickly absorb and recall the message of your brand. According to Robert Lane (Relational presentation: A Visually Interactive Approach), “Images often allow us to explain, simplify, or expand concepts in ways that are very difficult to do (if possible) with text – or even with spoken words.”

Carefully-crafter images can elicit certain reactions. A study by MIT researchers identified three types of reactions: emotional, mental, and social.

  • Emotional Reactions. Images can provoke a wide variety of emotions; from fascination to joy to sadness, and even anger. Note that for you to establish a connection to your audience, emotions don’t have to be positive.
  • Mental Reactions. A visual content can create an impression to the audience through instructing, informing, and even challenging.
  • Social Reactions. People who are aware with the pop-culture may respond to images that support that awareness. These social reactions can also be cultural; thus, an image that speaks to a Chinese audience won’t necessarily connect with Russians.

Why Images should be used

  • Although content and not pictures are the reason why people read your article, brochures, or blogs, adding images often bring more traffic. And while writing content may take days, if not weeks, with all the stages involved, searching for a good image will only take a few minutes.
  • Images catch people’s attention. Humans are color-sensitive; thus, an image in a text would generally be the first thing that they would notice. One thing about images is that they often do a better job at communicating messages in your article than sentences.
  • If you want to reach a wide audience, you might want to use social media. And what better way to engage people there? Images! Including relevant photos with your post can do miracles on Facebook and other forms of social media. So make sure that you include an eye-catching photo in your text.

What You Shouldn’t Put on Your Resumes

"What You Shouldn’t Put on Your Resumes"

What makes you decide to buy a product? Is it because of their design, the label, or the ads? This is much like job hunting — only, you’re the seller! That is primarily the reason why you need to have a well-written resume. A resume writer is basically what he does, which is why a lot of fresh graduates avail their services (especially those who don’t have any idea what to do).

But for those who don’t want to spend a dollar or two, here are some mistakes that you should avoid:

Placing a summary paragraph at the top.

As what Nancy Koehn, a Harvard Business School historian, said, “The average American Attention span in 2013 was about 8 seconds– the average attention of a goldfish is 9 seconds.” Summary paragraphs aren’t necessary as they are only additional readings for someone who has an attention span of a goldfish. Most employers don’t bother reading them; they usually go for the meat of the resume: educational attainment and previous work experience.

resume writer

Non-disclosure of the months of your employment dates.

Months matter for most employers. When you leave them out, hiring managers might wonder what you were hiding. If you do this with every work experience found on your resume, you might not be considered. Details matter.

Hiding any detail.

Those who are good at what they do tend to trust their gut feelings. If you ask a successful CEO or manager, some factual details may not be enough to make a decision. Successful people would know when you’re hiding something. In today’s digital world, it is virtually impossible to hide anything. The truth will always come out; thus, it is a lot better to include a job gap, short tenure, or lack of degree than to hide them. The second that you are caught hiding something, your reputation goes out of the window.

Complicating things.

Clumping your achievements at the top or bottom of your resume is a NO-NO. If the hiring manager has lost interest early on, they might not read the bottom part anymore. Remember, time is everything. Not everyone has the luxury of time to cross-check your job experiences with your achievement. So list your achievement and awards under each appropriate job. Do not provide any explanations. Keep it brief and straightforward.

Creative writing.

Put your working title on the resume. If you’re a sales representative with a title of an Area Manager on your business card, it is best that you admit that you’re a sales rep on your resume. Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert, said “Trust is like oxygen in the workplace: we need it to survive.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Warns

"Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Warns"

For many countries, January is a damp and cold month. During winter season, activities at your house can lead to increased moisture indoors and humidity which can supplement the growth of molds. Ceilings, walls, furnitures, books, clothes and even the toys of your kids can be breeding grounds of molds. Indeed, nothing is sacred when it comes to the growth of mold.

Knowing What Mold Is

Molds are a type of fungus that comes in different forms. They can be seen both outdoors and indoors. They spread by way of spore productions which are relatively present in all indoor setting and can’t be eliminated from them.

Warm, humid and moist environments are where molds grow best which is very much evident in the home during winter. As mold spores land on a damp area, they start to grow, taking in the material they are developing on as they do so. On an array of various surfaces such as wood, fabric and paper, molds are capable to grow.

Common types of Indoor Molds:

  • Aspergillus – often seen indoors growing on powdery food stuff, dust and building materials like of dry wall
  • Alternaria – usually found in damp areas indoors, for instance in showers and under leaking sinks
  • Penicillium – typically seen on materials that have been spoiled in water and often has a green or blue appearance
  • Cladosporium – can grow in cool spots and even in warm ones which is usually found in wood surfaces and fabrics

Possible effects of mold on health

From the statement of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mold exposure doesn’t always bring health problems indoors, but some individuals are very sensitive to molds. For the moment, according to WHO, a moldy setting is related with and could actually worsen air pollution indoor – a risk factor for some respiratory ailments.

Molds can supply numerous substances that can be really dangerous. Irritants, mycotoxins and allergens which are potentially lethal substances – cam bring serious effects on people who are specifically sensitive to them.

The EPA particularly says that mold exposure can cause irritation to the lungs, eyes, nose, throats and skin of a person, even if they have no known allergy to mold.

Mold allergies have similar sets of symptoms to other allergies to airborne substances which affect the upper respiratory system like of pollinosis. These are as follows:

  • Itchy nose and throat
  • Runny/clogged nose
  • Sneezing
  • Water eyes

“Moreover, individuals with mold allergies that also have asthma are at greater risk of developing their asthma symptoms stimulated by a moldy environment,” CDC shares.

Considering the degree of health risks and problems that presence of molds in our house can bring, we shouldn’t think twice of adhering to mold remediation practices such as regular cleaning of our home to ensure the health and wellness of our family.

Scotland’s Edinburgh University Uses Social Media to Attract Foreign Students

"Scotland’s Edinburgh University Uses Social Media to Attract Foreign Students"

Edinburgh University launched their social marketing campaign to attract new foreign students to their school. This is a joint initiative of the university and Marketing Edinburgh, a promotional agency in Scotland, in which they will utilize Google and Facebook to attract about one million potential foreign students from the United States and Southeast Asia.

The Social Media Campaign

The university’s 2-minute social media video campaign is starred by four foreign undergraduate students who are studying in the city, showcasing the benefits of studying in the capital of Scotland.

Edinburgh University refused to reveal the cost of making the ad, but the campaign is part of their strategic plan of expanding their recruitment of students from other countries.

According to Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea, the principal of the University of Edinburgh, the university has a strong reputation that is firmly rooted in the capital of Scotland. They are very committed to attracting the best international students. He added that Edinburgh is one of the most attractive destinations in UK for students. Their campaign helps in raising awareness on their exceptional educational offerings for those who opt to study there.

Education and the Economy of Edinburgh

According to Councilor Frank Ross, the convener of Edinburgh’s economic committee, they find that students are very valuable to their economy as they contribute to about 7 billion pounds a year to the economy of the UK. Aside from that, graduates from the university attract top worldwide organizations and businesses to Scotland’s capital such as the Amazon, FanDuel, as well as Skyscanner.

Frank Ross added that currently there’s a buzz in Edinburgh’s technology industry that would benefit the talented graduates of the university each year.

What the City of Edinburgh Offers to International Students

Marketing Edinburgh’s chief executive, John Donnelly, said that the city and the University of Edinburgh sport a symbolic relationship.

More often than not, foreign students want to study at top universities worldwide; however, the quality of life experience where the educational institution is also important. Edinburgh offers beautiful scenery with a rich and vibrant history and culture, Donnelly added.

Donnelly further added that the heart of the university’s campaign is that students don’t only choose the university they wish to enroll in but the city they wish to study in as well.

About Edinburgh University

The University of Edinburgh was founded in 1952. It is the 6th oldest university in England and one of the ancient universities in Scotland, together with Glasgow, Aberdeen, and St. Andrews.

According to QS World University Rankings, Edinburgh University is ranked 17th around the world. They are also recognized globally for being the center of innovation and excellence in research.

As a matter of fact, some of the popular men in our history were students of the university; including Charles Darwin, Alexander Graham Bell, and David Hume. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, Walter Scott, and JM Barrie were also popular alumni of the university.

In the past year, there are over 14,000 international students enrolled in the university studying a wide variety of courses.

Vision Problems Affecting Children’s School Performance

"Vision Problems Affecting Children’s School Performance"

Your children’s performance at school can be affected by various factors and one of the most important factors is your children’s sight.

An expert said, most likely, if you never had a problem on your vision or of your children, you just take for granted the thought of having an eye checkup. The Vision Council of America said that their research found that out of 4 school-aged children, there is one who has an eyesight problem which interfere the learning and behavior of the child.

It is very important for parents to prioritize the sight of the child as eighty percent of the information that a child acquired in the first 12 years of being in the school is presented visually. And obviously, children with  normal vision is more benefited and is therefore more capable of reaching full academic and athletic potential.

With today’s technological age, where most instructional materials are made digitally, having good vision is very much needed. However, despite the fact that technology helps advances the learning of pupils, the long-term effects on the eyes of the children are being determined. Take the case of some children who have problems in falling asleep when they are overly exposed on the computer or other digital devices.

In most cases, children who unnoticed eye problem are misdiagnosed with an unrelated behavioral problem. They are easily distracted, as they cannot focus well on their studies. With such, a frustrating chain of unwanted behavior can happen, when in fact the problem is the child’s vision, which can usually lead to depression. That is why parents are advised to bring their children to the doctor for regular checkup in order to prevent or cure certain eye problems like sclera.

Sclera is an eye problem that requires an aid like eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct vision and there are a number of eye clinics and companies offering them.

The Affordable Care Act has mandated to include in all insurance coverage a comprehensive eye examination for all children 18 years old and below. This is made with the premise that vision and learning are intimately related.

It is very important for parents to know that children usually do not complain about their eye problem, because they think everyone sees that way. Parents should look into the symptoms or behaviors of having vision problem. Some symptoms include the following:

  1. Squinting eyes
  2. Sensitivity to light
  3. Excessive tearing
  4. Avoiding or not like reading
  5. Tilting their head consistently on one side
  6. Difficulty throwing or catching thing
  7. Short attention span
  8. Having hard time copying from the blackboard
  9. Eye rubbing
  10. Blinking consistently

Vision screening at school and comprehensive eye examination is not really the same and should not be confused but both are important for child’s successful performance at school. An ophthalmologist said that even the most sophisticated vision screenings miss a third of vision disorders that is why it is important to observe children’s behavior and consult an eye doctor if symptoms for an eye problem occur.

New Research on Proper Oral Care

"New Research on Proper Oral Care"

Having good oral hygiene is vital in maintaining one’s overall health and wellbeing. In fact, people with poor oral health are at risk for some major chronic diseases and disabilities; which may be the reason for one’s low self-esteem.

It is important to note that proper care of the oral mucosa doesn’t demand excess time or expensive equipment. You only need to follow the basic rule for good teeth and gum care and that is to avoid simple sugar and performing gentle tooth brushing and flossing every day. Aside from that, avoid smoking, drink plenty of water, and get regular dental care from your dentist to keep your gums healthy and your teeth free from cavities.

Tooth Decay

Oral cavities are damaged areas of your teeth that develop into small openings; they are often referred to as dental caries or tooth decay. Tooth decay is common not only in children, but in adults as well — its severity is actually directly proportional with age. It is one of the most common health problems in the world.

The most effective way of preventing such occurrence is to follow good eating habits, as well as good oral care and regular dental checks.

Good Eating Habits

There is strong evidence that points to sugars as the main culprit associated with dental disease. To be more specific, it is the amount and the frequency of consuming sugars that determine how severe the tooth decay is.

According to several studies, starchy foods and fresh fruits are associated with lower risks of tooth decay. In addition, while fluoride decreases the risk; it doesn’t completely eliminate dental caries.

It is recommended that you eat foods that are high in nutrients and do away with those that contain high sugars and starches to keep your oral cavity healthy.

Brush your Teeth

The best way to reduce the plaques on your teeth is to brush them daily using toothpaste that is formulated with fluoride. According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA), brushing two times a day for 2 minutes is recommended. To effectively clean your oral cavity, you need to use a proper brushing technique. Meanwhile to prevent damage to your enamel, soft-bristled toothbrush is recommended.

Correct technique includes brushing your teeth with a toothbrush placed against your teeth at 45-degree angle. You should do back and forth, circular motions, making sure that every surface of your teeth is brushed; clean your tongue by brushing it lightly with your toothbrush. Do not eat for at least half an hour after brushing. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months.


To remove food particles and plaques your toothbrush can’t reach, you need to floss your teeth daily. The spaces in between your teeth and the area below your gum line are vulnerable areas for the buildup of tartar and plaques.

Regular Dental Checkup

Although brushing and flossing can remove majority of the plaque, some plaques may be difficult to remove. This is why you need to go to your dentist for regular checkups and cleaning of your oral cavity.

Whisky Education Is Taking a Big Leap

"Whisky Education Is Taking a Big Leap"

For whisky lovers whose having a hard time buying the best kind for every occasion like Christmas giving or New Year’s Eve, you can take the next step by studying Whisky. You can learn from the author and spirits educator, Dave Broom who is introducing a comprehensive course about whisky and what is more exciting, it is done online. He is Whisky Magazine’s contributing editor as well as a leading authority on rum, cocktails, cognac and whisky. Most of all, he can explain the most complicated terms and concepts in the simplest way possible, making whisky education easier to learn and understand.

Through the launching of The World Masterclass by Dave Broom, the whisky education worldwide is taking a big leap, the course is comprehensive. It is a big opportunity to learn from the world’s finest like Broom. Here are the major things that you can learn from the course:

  • Year 1 – it consists of 50 lessons, 150 video clips of distilleries and more than 100 tasting clips, allowing students to go through the history, methods of tasting and production techniques of whisky. Also, there are subtitles in various languages which make this whisky training course, the first in the world.
  • Every lesson has a classroom session with Broom. He will explain the principles behind every aspect of the production, then, a study that features distillers and their own techniques. At this point, the students will learn about malting from Browmore’s Eddie MacAfter, milling from Lagavulin’s George Crawford, mashing from Cardhu’s Andy Cant, fermentation from Ardmore’s Alistair, distillation from Ardbeg’s Mickey Heads, maturation from Glenmorangie’s Andy MacDonald and finishing from Bruichladdich’s Jim McEwan and many more.
  • The student’s will take a test on every lesson discussed that will unlock the next level.
  • For the back-end assessment, this course is using the system of Lobster Ink which has been used by his firm for global training business.

According to Broom, it has been difficult for all whisky lovers to have proper education. This is the reason he came up with this approach to build an educated whisky community all over the world. Also, members of the club, The World Masterclass will receive offers, access and events to filmed specials. For Year 1, the filming took place in a studio which will be used for classroom material and an intense 3-week period in Scotland; the team filmed more than 40 distilleries.

The theory of this course has been properly laid out but Broom believed that theory is not enough. They need to visit the places where whisky is made and experience the weather, the landscape and most importantly, meet the phenomenal people of the whisky industry.

How to Make Computer Science More Interesting – A Look on What Can be Done

"How to Make Computer Science More Interesting – A Look on What Can be Done"

When Sonja Khan began college, she’d never see herself taking up computer science. However, when her friends told her that the intro class was somewhat good, she made a decision to give it a shot – and ended up taking it as her major subject.

After 4 years, she has just finished with a degree in computer science, is following a master’ degree and is going a summer internship in Facebook.

“I honestly don’t have any idea regarding the field then, in fact I’d never considered it,” she shared. “I quickly signed up for it and have really enjoyed the whole ride.”

The story of Ms. Khan seems like a dream for technology firms and universities – where there are only around 15% of women who are graduates of computer science and technical workers. The industry has been on pressure to get more. The question is how to motivate more and more women to take such path just like Ms. Khan.

Colleges Making a Shift

There are several colleges that have made significant steps. The University of Washington where Ms. Khan studied is just one of those. Their system includes lessons for other companies and colleges looking forward to the raise the number of women in fields where they stay underrepresented.

The National Center for Women and Information Technology is the organization behind the efforts of many of these colleges. It gives consultants to college faculties’ information on how their programs can be changed to sign up and retain women. On Thursday, the University of Washington has received its first award from the center, sponsored by Google, for universities and colleges that have been triumphant in this effort. The center is looking forward to give the award every year.

Three Methods that they Have Implemented

The university has made three huge things to spread their student base according to Mr. Lazowska. First, is to have girls be interested in computer science early through teaching primary and secondary teachers and students regarding computing through conducting fieldtrips and workshops. These efforts have significant effects at state schools that take on from nearby high schools.

Like Ms.Khan, still there are lots of students especially girls don’t have the exposure to the subject before they enter college. This is the ground that pushed universities to have a makeover on its offered introductory courses a few years then. Their goal was to make computing easier to avail and inviting a wider range of individuals, Mr. Lazowska shared. The courses proved students that they can be successful through working hard and innate gift or esoteric knowledge is not a requirement.

The new programs consist of small group sessions with faculty members, classes that relate software programming to biology and philosophy and stressing on real-world apps. 40% of the teaching assistants are women, and a seminar on computing is available for them.

Due to the great involvement of the internet these days, it’s somewhat a good reason to allow more people especially women to consider taking up computer science course. With that, they can have a sure slot in information technology field or any career under the umbrella of computer science. Moreover, having good fundamentals of computer science would be easier for more people to understand about the intricate details of the internet which include domains and some other stuff.

Boarding Schools of the Northeast: Milton Hershey School

"Boarding Schools of the Northeast: Milton Hershey School"

Milton Hershey School is a private, non-profit, philanthropic boarding school in the northeastern region of the US that is owned and funded by Milton Snavely Hershey and his wife, Catherine Sweeney Hershey — who are popularly known in the chocolate industry. Originally, the school caters to Caucasian orphan boys who are impoverished but healthy; however, today, it serves students coming from different backgrounds.

The school is funded mainly by the Milton Hershey School Trust which owns a controlling interest in The Hershey Company and also owns the Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company. It has more than 6 billion dollars in assets and is said to be among the wealthiest schools worldwide.


The Milton Hershey School offers a wide variety of programs that students can choose from and thrive in and out of the classroom setting. Here are some of the programs offered by the school:

  • Scholarship for Continuing Education: Milton Hershey School gives up to $80,000 worth of scholarship to qualified students who want to pursue graduate programs such as medicine.
  • All-Year Experience: they provide enhancement programs for students who don’t want to go home on school breaks and summer.
  • Programs on Agriculture & Environment: the campus features a working farm that allows students to learn and experience agriculture and the environment.
  • Arts Program: they offer various programs on music and arts; from video production to music composition and marching bands and more.

Other Northeastern Boarding Schools in the US

Blue Ridge School

The Blue Ridge School, located at the state of Virginia, is an all-boys boarding school that caters to grade 9 to 12 students. They aim to provide each student individualized attention, thereby knowing how motivated they are and understanding how they process information. They offer comprehensive co-curricular program that aids in the learning experience, as well as growth of each and every student. One of their goals is to help each student develop self-confidence and leadership skills, and also learn the value of working as a team.

Georgetown Preparatory School

Georgetown Preparatory School is run by Jesuits and is a preparatory school for boys in grades 9 to 12 levels. Their students come from various parts of the US and around the world. It is the oldest Jesuit school in the United States and is the only boarding school run by them. Their curriculum is primarily based from the philosophy of St. Ignatius Loyola (the founder of Jesuits) which includes a belief in reflection, discernment, scholarly excellence, and Magis, as well as being “Men for Others”. Thus, they teach their students to help the less fortunate through their community service program.

Girard College

Girard College is a private boarding school in Philadelphia that caters to students who are academically capable from grades 1 to 12, students with families that are financially constrained, and students who are from a single parent or guardian. The school’s mission is to help the students prepare for advanced education and the life of being ethical and productive citizens through a comprehensive educational program that encourages intellectual, social, as well as emotional wellbeing.

The Program of Comcast Internet Essentials in South Florida Helps in Connecting 41,500 Families and Improve Education

"The Program of Comcast Internet Essentials in South Florida Helps in Connecting 41,500 Families and Improve Education"

Today, Comcast announced that since the day they started on August 2011, their nationally acclaimed program of broadband adoption and Internet Essentials has already connected over 450,000 families or can be translated to about 1.8 million Americans who belong to the low-income bracket. All of them were connected through the power of Internet, right in their own homes. However, these figures are not possible without the huge role of the government of Florida; they played a big part in the success of the program.

In the nation, the area of South Florida is second in terms of using the Internet Essentials of Comcast to connect families. In fact, over 41,500 families or about 166,000 Floridians have low-income. From this figure, about 28% are eligible population. Also, Florida has more connections of lifetime Internet Essentials that other states with over 62,000 families or about 250,000 low-income citizens. This number is equivalent to connect the whole Orlando City. The Internet is really important in today’s digital world so that families will be connected and it is also a way to extend education in homes. As the Internet has evolved through the years, this is also the same thing with domains, for those who belong in the Internet industry; there will come a time that everyone must have a domain name in order to offer convenience and handle issues such as security and visibility.

In 2014, they launched 4 Internet Essentials Digital Learning Zones located in South Florida specifically at ASPIRA, Chapman Partnership, Overtown Youth Center (OYC) and Miami-Dade’s Boys and Girls Clubs.  On February 2015, this company has already allocated $1 million in grants through the creation of digital learning zones all throughout the country where non-profit partners’ networks are working hand-in-hand to enhance access to public Internet at the same time, increase digital literacy education and training which are family-focused.

The programs established last year by Comcast which started at the OYC helps the people in two major ways: It provides families and children with the much-needed access to the online world and ensures that they all understand the most effective and safest way to use the Internet. These are the words of Alonzo Mourning, the founder of OYC and the former star of Miami heat. The program of Internet Essentials will take further steps by helping the families to be connected in their homes through the broadband services.

In addition, Alberto Carvalho, a Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools said that they forged a partnership with Comcast in order to promote to both students and families the program of Internet Essentials since it was launched in 2011. He further said that access to the Internet is a necessity for all the students of South Florida to be successful in the digitally connected world we have right now. This is very possible with the Internet Essentials program of Comcast since they provide broadband service to many families at home who cannot afford this resource.

Through this program, Comcast directly addresses the major barriers to the adoption of broadband to students as well as their families. The company has invested over $225 million in kind support and cash so that they can help fund readiness training and education and digital literacy to over 3.1 million citizens.